Why I Decided To Start A Blog

I strongly believe that for every avenue of life that we enter, we should leave it a better place. So for every job that I take, my goal is to leave a more efficient or more powerful work group behind. By blogging I can bring up issues that I come across, and if I also bring up solutions to those problems I can give other people the chance to learn from my experiences.

I also believe strongly in open source software (OSS). I wish there were more companies like Google that invest a lot of capital in developing OSS. From a business standpoint, when considering investment in public resources like OSS, it is hard to see the ROI. I think Google has done an exceptional job of finding revenue from OSS, and I think that is positive for the world.

Blogging is similar to OSS in the way that blogs are a public resource and they're written by regular people in their spare time (I wish I could be paid to develop OSS). I read a lot of blogs from other technical people. Some of them I follow regularly, others I end up inadvertently reading by googling for some technical problem. Blogs are free content that adds value to our lives.

Starting a blog was a result of a lot of thinking. It's been bugging me for a while that I read all these blogs and I don't write one. I think its important to give back at least a portion of what you consume. If you don't like what I have to say here you don't have to read it. What I say here won't waste anyone's time or clog their inbox without their consent. Since this blog can't ever be a burden on society, it can only add value. So in that line of logic, this blog is necessary.