There are a lot of projects out there that have a lot of users and very few contributers. I’ve been running into projects here and there that are aching for contributers, so I thought I’d list them.

Asheesh Laroia pointed me to OpenHatch which is a listing of open source projects. It’s a bit of a match maker service, trying to match devs with time to projects who need devs. If the projects I list here won’t work for you for whatever reason, please head on over to OpenHatch and see what they have going on.

Tweet to have another added:


A Vim emulator for Visual Studio. The core is written in F# with tests and auxilary code written in C#. It’s a great project to contribute to if you want to learn about Vim, Visual Studio plugins, or F#. The big need on VsVim is just more work. Issues flow in at a steadily increasing rate, but development continues at the same flat rate.


The oldest IoC container for .NET and Mono. Also (imo) the best user interface. It just does what you want. There is a version 3 coming out after summer 2012. The big need points are bug fixes on the 2.x line and documentation. During summer there will probably also be need to contribute refactoring and features for version 3.


The revolutionary mocking library for C# and VB. Before Moq, mocking was hard. Now it’s just fun. It’s all written in C#, great code coverage. It’s also being completely rewritten for v5.0. I highly recommend patching some bugs now if you want to get in on the architecture of version 5. I know there are some really interesting plans going into it.